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Granville School
"Is that really necessary...?"

“Is that really necessary to pop a balloon in my face, and place my gender in a box!" - a collaboration between Granville Sports College and People Express, with artist Jennifer Booth.

"In the Spanish language there is no gender neutral, every object is assigned a male & female. The individual can be gender neutral. We have created an installation with which to display our abstract animation, looking at the beauty of the shadows and the light that we project as individuals not specific to gender, race, or sexual origination .

We are all abstractions, and project something different according to the light and dark."

Watch the film below.

The group of young people worked alongside artist Jennifer Booth to co-author a performance installation that explored gender and identity. Set in a Theatre D’ombre made of 200 cardboard boxes the work invited audience to enter the intimate space and question gender and identity issues that the group wished to explore.

In October half-term 2016, students worked to create material to be projected into a Theatre D’ombre. Over three days students worked to record shadow imagery, wire sculpture and movement in a beautiful dome made of recycled cardboard boxes. This work was reproduced and developed for a showing on the 4th March 2017.

Below is a video documenting the day and audience reactions to the work.

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